Office Hours:

MTTHF by appointment; closed on Wednesdays and weekends

New Visits:

Please see new visit instructions for the 3 steps in making your appointment.

Returning Visits:

Please make your appointment at the appointment portal.

Video conference instructions are now online.

If you have a change in your insurance carrier or policy, please email Dr. Wang at [email protected] to update us as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to know your plan’s benefits and the cost of your appointment. We do not accept “not knowing my copay” or “you’re out of network” as an excuse to waive the late-cancel/no-show fee. If we do not recognize your insurance or do not have any updated/active insurance, we will charge you as self-pay by default. If your insurance pays, we will refund you any over-payment. Check the insurance Q&A for answers to commonly asked questions.

Children and Adults with children:

All patients/clients under 18 years old must be accompanied by a responsible caregiver. The adult does not have to stay in the session, but your provider will need to talk to the caregiver if there is an acute deterioration in illness or about medication changes. Any child who comes to an appointment without his/her guardian will be asked to reschedule.

We would prefer that adult patients/clients do not bring his/her children to his/her appointments. This is due to the adult nature of the conversation in this work. If you bring your child to your appointment, your child must be able to be left unattended for the duration of the visit (this means either a very young child who can play in his/her stroller or an older child who can play in the waiting room).


We accept self-pay, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, BCBS Anthem PPO, Cigna, and select plans under Multiplan for new and existing patients. If you have Aetna HMO, you will need a referral prior to making your appointment with us. Coaching and supervision are not medical services and are not covered by health insurance.

We do not accept Medicare (including BCBS Medicare), Medicaid, Magellan (BCBS HMO and select other plans), Aetna Memorial Hermann, Aetna Boone Chapman, United Healthcare, Humana, Beacon, and others not listed.

If we are not in your insurance network, you can self-pay and apply to your insurance for any possible benefits.

Please note that once you have elected to self-pay for a visit, this practice does not retroactively submit the visit to insurance. We will be able to use insurance going forward with your appointments. Please alert us ahead of your visit if you ever need to change your method of payment.


Self-pay fees are listed at the appointment portal. If you are using insurance, please confirm your copay by calling your insurance company or our billing department.

Payment is due at the time of service. No refunds are given once a service has been rendered or per appointment policy below. The service fees are set to a fair market rate and are not subject to negotiation.

We can take cash, Zelle Quickpay, cashier’s check, apple/android pay, and credit/debit cards. All patients are required to have an active card with sufficient funds on file to be seen.

Late Arrivals:

This office does not extend appointment times out of respect to your time and the next person’s time. If you are late, you can use the remainder of your time, wait until another opening becomes available, or reschedule. If your provider is late, we will make up the time with you.


All no-shows are charged according to the service booked at the self-pay rate. Leaving before being seen is considered no-show. Insurance does not reimburse no-show’s.

Cancellations and Reschedules:

Cancellations/reschedules made at least 2 days in advance of your appointment are not charged. Late cancellations/reschedules are charged according to the service at the self-pay rate. Insurance does not reimburse late cancellations/reschedules.

Refund Policy:

The no-show or late cancel/reschedule fee can be refunded in full for 20 min appointments and at 50% for 40 min appointments upon attendance of a make-up session within one week of the missed appointment. If the make-up session is dated outside the one week grace period, or if it is cancelled, no-showed, or rescheduled, then you will forfeit the refund. (If you cannot find an opening within one week at the appointment portal, please contact us.) For repeated no-shows or late cancel/reschedules, we reserve the right to charge.

Medications and Documentations:

We strive to provide you with the highest standard of care. Therefore, we adjust and refill all medications during appointment times. All clinical paperwork and record requests (with the exception of prior authorizations) are also done during the appointment. Any service performed on your behalf outside of your appointment (refills, paperwork, record request, etc.) are completed on a limited basis and will incur a fee.

Controlled medications are strictly monitored under the DEA; thus, these medications are only filled during an appointment. We also do not start controlled medications by request or from any previous diagnoses or treatment plan. We only start these medications if we determine an individual is a good fit. For your safety, we do NOT start controlled medications for those with an active substance use disorder.

Communication Outside the Appointment:

This office recommends that all routine clinical matters be communicated during the appointment. This is to uphold the highest standard of care and for your own safety. We welcome text or email as acceptable forms of communication for non-urgent administrative matters only. The confidentiality of text and email communication cannot be guaranteed; if you were to share your clinical information by text or email, you would do so at your own risk. We use a HIPAA compliant email line.

Brief calls for clarification, medication questions, updates on your demographic information, medical history, insurance information are encouraged and incurs no fee. Calls of a therapeutic nature are charged at increments of ten minutes.

Case discussion initiated by a patient’s family member or other providers will require a signed release of information; each phone call is charged to the patient’s account by increments of ten minutes.

Any communication outside the appointment (phone calls, text, email, fax, etc.) may be added to your chart.