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    Office Policy Agreement

    All cancellations/reschedules made at least 2 days in advance of the scheduled appointment are not charged. Late cancellations/reschedules and no-show appointments will be charged according to the service at the self-pay rate. The no-show or late cancel/reschedule fee can be refunded in full for a 20 min appointment and at 50% for a 40 min appointment upon attendance of a make-up session within one week of the missed appointment. If the make-up session is dated outside the one week grace period, or if it is cancelled, no-showed, or rescheduled, then you will forfeit the refund. (If you cannot find an opening within one week, please call or email us.) Insurance will not be reimbursing you for this charge. For repeated no-shows or late cancel/reschedules, we reserve the right to charge.

    This practice requires each person to have active credit/debit card with sufficient funds on file in order to be an active patient/client. This card will be used primarily for no-show’s and late cancellations, copays for telemedicine appointments, and occasionally for outstanding charges due to extraordinary circumstances (this rarely happens and we will contact you about it). You are aware that either the card(s) on file or another card used to make your appointment at Square.com may be charged for missed appointments or outstanding fees. By agreeing to the terms and providing your credit/debit card you are acknowledging that you are aware that your card will be charged according to office policies. After agreeing to the terms and providing your credit/debit card, if you contact your bank or card company to deny charges, resulting in a "charge back", any additional fees associated with that charge back will be added to the original fees. Thank you for your cooperation with this necessary policy. A complete set of office paperwork will be available for you to sign.

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